Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gnome Paper Piece Tutorial

Here are some pictures on paper piecing the gnomeling pattern:
Gather up the fabrics and cut the pattern into 4 pieces:   
Cut fabric pieces a bit oversized:
For the feet, place the 1 background fabric with the 2 leg fabric, right sides together and sew along the line.  For this first piece the only thing that matters is the pieces of paper are bigger than the pattern.
After sewing piece B1 and B2, fold the paper on the line between B2 and B3, and trim the B2 leg piece with to 1/2 inch past the solid line.  Sew on Piece 3.  Continue into all are pieced.
This is the back:
This is the front.  I leave all the pieces oversized for now.
For the body piece A, put A1 and A2 right sides together and sew.  Make sure they are oversized.
Here is the 'Front':
Fold the paper piece along the line between B1 and B3 and trim at 1/4 inch outside line:
After trimming:


Sew on piece A3 and Flip:
Here is the front:
 Line up piece A4 - Make sure it is oversized:
Sew on piece A4:
Here is the front:
Here is piece A and B:
For Piece D, have a oversized piece of fabric, don't cut to the same size as the pattern, leave it oversized.  Sew to the gnomeling leaving enough on the top and bottom:
Cut the finished piece so the line is straight - see the triangle that gets cut off:
Line up Piece C and sew.
Square up the gnomeling:

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Goals for QuiltCON

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I go to a lot of trade shows for my day job. I do booth duty, talk to people, hand out give-aways, etc. But, at QuiltCON, I get to just be an attendee! This is something I rarely get to do, like never! So I'm super excited.
The schedule is jam packed with workshops, lectures and meet & greets. All just for FUN! I've put together a few goals for my trip:

1. Learn new techniques
2. Get inspired by the quilt displays and vendors
3. Check out the vendors
4. See friends!  and meet new friends, especially those from the group and the Stash Bee!
5. Bask in the warmth!
6. Don't WORK! I took vacation days, so darn it, I'm going to try to not look at emails.

Who else is going? 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Flying through the Sky

My first submission to QuiltCon in the EZ Quilting Challenge category.
Focus is on the stars, keeping a neutral background and stitching to represent swishing and swirling through the sky Inspired by focus, minimalism and neutrality.
This table runner went through quite a metamorphosis.  I originally wanted the bright triangle fabric to pop on this black and white background.
Then I attended a Boston MQG meeting with Jacquie Gering and she showed her beautiful quilts and explained about her use of neutral backgrounds to enhance the focal point, and the use of wavy quilting lines to create movement.  This totally changed my direction.
Every time I wanted to add more triangles, or more quilting, I had to refocus on the triangles and the stars.  I really like how it turned out.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lizzys Quilt

I had a lot of fun being in the online Stash Bee this year.  I enjoyed making a variety of blocks for my bee mates, and I especially enjoyed receiving all of the eye-spy blocks that were sent to me.

I used them to make a quilt for my niece, Elizabeth.  I love how that each block has a story.   
Yvonne from CA sent me three blocks in bright colors, a monkey, a giraffe, a butterfly and some soldiers, Kaja from the UK sent me a bright pink bicycle, Yanick from FL sent a cute yellow bumblebee and a way cool surfing girl.  Caroline from CA sent cute orange kitties and a pink ballerina, Jo from the UK sent a proper London bus. Sue from MN sent a butterfly and yummy strawberry. Helen from Ireland went overboard with little red riding hood, a house, a fox, and a Santa - you could make up a great story with those alone!  I really love the diversity of this group.

I ended up with way more blocks than I thought because this is my first bee, and I expected just one block per bee mate, and many of my bee mates were very generous or just liked making tiny 1-inch blocks.  I received so many blocks, the quilt was going to be bigger than I wanted.  I was thinking it would be a small quilt that Lizzy could have in her stroller to ward off those unexciting moments waiting in line or just sitting still.  She could look at it all day and keep seeing new items and colors, and make up wonderful stories.



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Inspiration from Jacquie Gering

I had a work meeting in Boston this week and decided to go up early and attend the Boston Modern Quilt Guild meeting featuring Jacquie Gering. I drove like crazy from 7am to 1pm and  I'm really glad that I did!  I find Jacquie's work so inspirational.
She showed a bunch of quilts and told the backstory about them.  I love hearing the stories and inspirations, it really makes the quilt have more depth. 

I really love Jacquie's quilting style, and I've put down a few thoughts:
  • It is fine to not like 'feathered' quilting or any other fru-fru style of quilting, conversely, it is OK to only quilt with straight lines. How liberating! I've always believed this but never really thought it was OK to believe this. Jacquie loves piecing and uses her quilting to enhance the piecing.  The quilting is not the focal point, so use it to creative movement, or interest.
  • Less is good. It is not necessary to have creative matching prints. Actually it is OK to not use any prints at all. Ever. Jacquie is eliminating prints from her stash. Wow. I see a lot more solids in my future as I've always been drawn to all solid quilts, but the prints are fun and beautiful I usually cant pass them up.  But I will try.
  • I think I try too hard to coordinate everything and forget to pick a focal point: either the piecing or the quilting or the negative space but I don't have to go all out with everything.
Jackie talks about improve blocks and the use of negative space.  The first one is a deconstructed log cabin and the black/white quilt is a simple nine-patch with improve blocks using the background color.

This quilt is vertical strips. I can imagine being able to do a lot with this style.

I love cross/plus quilts, this one is called Peace and Comfort'. I really love how this one uses a few different tan background blocks to create interest.  The crosses also make up several bigger crosses.  It uses mostly solids.

This is my favorite quilt, I believe it is called something like twisted tulips.  Jacquie made it for her mother to hang on the wall, and I do believe I am going to make a similar one to hang on my wall too!
Jacquie's blog showcasing many of these quilts can be found here and here.
I also got to spend a few hours at my 'happy place' in New Hampshire.  I love driving around the back roads up there, and the trees are just starting to be spectacular!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Motivational pictures of WIPs

I've been working hard on two projects, Danielle's wedding quilt and the Technicolor Galaxy BOM, but I've really been itching to get back to some of my older WIPs.  I find the fewer seems I have left, the less I want to work on a project!  Anyway, I wanted to revisit my WIP's so I took them all out and took a picture to remind me how awesome some of these are. 

Here is a peek:

 I was almost done then I decided it needed to be bigger. 
 I love the Tula fabrics.


Purple Plus Quilt

Cotton & Steel + Doe = LOVE!
Spider Web Scrappy

Tula Pink Blocks

That is a lot of projects!
I am current drooling over the 'midnight at the Oasis' medallion quilt by Jen Kingwell, but need to make myself finish some stuff first.
 I dropped the Moda sampler off to be quilted, so that is not nice checked off the list!

Which one should be next?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Technicolor Galaxy update

I signed up for this Technicolor galaxy skill builder class as it was snowing last winter.  Below is a picture of the front and back as of today (15SEP2015).  There is still more to go. 
When I saw the picture of the finished quilt, I couldn't believe that I could pull it off.  Some of the skills taught were ones I knew such as paper piecing, quilt as you go, free motion quilting and applique.  But slowly, painstakingly, I have certainly learned new skills.  Here is what I've learned:

1.  Wash and starch all fabric - I love the feel of starched fabric, but I don't always wash and probably won't always wash.  But I will always starch.

2. Glue.  This is exciting!  I now love glue basting, but I have learned that all glue isn't the same.  Some glue dries hard and some doesn't.  Using glue that dries hard on pieces that will be appliqued is a problem.  I had to re-do many of my hexies because of this. 

3. Interfacing - using interfacings to give an item shape is a good thing.  In the past, the interfacing I used was the flimsy pellon type.  The interfacing provided in this quilt kit is a medium weight embroidery wash-out interfacing and is much stiffer than anything I have ever used.  I'm loving this product and plan on using it in upcoming projects.

4. Bias Tape- We made our own bias tape for the white circles on the front.  This was so cool!  I'd seen quilts with bias tape, but I didn't really know what it was.  I love that I can make bias tape out of any fabric, then glue baste it down (see #1)

5. FMQ - I had played a bit with free motion quilting in the past, and I thought this would be easy since the pieces are a reasonable size.  But, I had all kinds of problems with tension that I still haven't been able to figure out.  Any way I adjust the tension doesn't seem to make it better.  So I've put off finishing the FMQ part and decided to do more straight line quilting. 

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